Mig33 XTX3 and XTX version

Update mig33 XTX version
to : MigXTX2
-default themes
-fix class file
-fix strktr file
-fix reseive/allow ADD ID
-remove autoupdate
-fast load contact list
-fast open APPS
-fast join room
-quick leave room
-quick kick user
-quick open YM chat
-enable auto YM (DISABLE in XTX3beta)
-enable auto Hidden Info/start login
to : MigXTX2Beta
-remove class file broken
-load Language from server
-new walpaper in apps
-fix for fast load
-fix for fast menu
-fix class file
to : MigXTX3_Alpha
-enable add user/show ID
-disable open chatroom for fast lood
-load Language from server
-new walpaper in apps
-add Info User & Info ROOM
-fix for fast login YM
-fix for fast login mig
-fix for fast open ROOM
-fix for fast join ROOM
-fix for fast leave ROOM
-fix for fast create ROOM
-fix class file
-super faster for symbian OS
-test alpha version
to : MigXTX3_Beta[with APPS]
MigXTX3_Beta[no buit in APPS]
-please await version
-add Opera4.2Vrs
-add player Apps
-disable auto login YM
-fix fast accses for Motorola E1/E398
-fast accses menu
-APPS with 3in1
-add mig33V4
-add Opera42
-add Ebudy
-fix for support java Moto
-fis for support java Mid2 and Symbian OS
and any bug, qestion, please contact me in
chat ID : redkingmaster (YM.Mig33)
email : redkingmaster@yahoo.co.id

special Thanks:
-amadnoy (for Info)

by redkingmaster

download Mig33_ULRA_XTX_Version


size : 1.32Mb
yang pengen dowloand langsug MIG XTX3 ALPHA, baik pke hp atau pc, silakan
download di sini


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