Gr8eX Kuis 2.0 (Trial)

[click on the image to enlarge]

Feature :
3 types of questions>
a. Normal = normal +10 pts
b. Correct bonus = +50 pts
c. Speed = One answer +5 points, +25 points mop (1 participant said there was a fifth jawabanna)

I mean:
1. Participants should type REG QUIZ dlu, bru ditung klo poinna correct answers
2. CHECK POINT to see the acquisition points
3. Top Player automatically comes kira2 180 seconds / 3 minutes of sex

Additional features:
1. Disable register new participants
2. Disable Check Point
3. Remove one of the participants participants remand
4. Del all participants
5. Add n remove the question from the app (edit information dkerjain lg)


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