mig33 mudah mudik photo competion

Mig33 Mudah Mudik PhotoCompetition
Snap a photo with ‘mig33’ and WIN one of 20
mig33 soft toys!
Mig33 Mudah Mudik PhotoCompetition
Snap a photo with ‘mig33’ and WIN one of 20
mig33 soft toys!
mig33 would like to help make your ‘Mudah
Mudik’ more fun this year.
We have partnered with Indosat to have our
mig33 characters at several ‘pitstop’ locations, and
we want you to show us to WIN!
‘mig33’ at Mudah Mudik pitstop locations
The mig33 characters will be at the following
locations from 16 – 28 September.
* Rumah makan samudra, Eretan
* Pujaseda, Ciamis
* Taman pring sewu, Kebumen
* Rumah Makan Taman Sari, Tuban
* Rumah Makan Siang Malam Lampung
A full map of all the Mudah Mudik pitstop
locations is also shown below.
How to Enter
1. Competition open from 16 September to 4
October, 2009
2. Snap a photo of you and/or your friends with
the mig33 character, at one or more pitstop
locations where the character is displayed
3. Email to mudik@mig33global.com, with:
o Your full name
o mig33 ID
o Mobile number
o Postal Address
4. Be sure to include:
o Description for each photo. Be as creative as
you like, but we must be able to see the mig33
character. Send as many as you like.
o Names of the mig33 IDs of the people in the
picture (if applicable)
o (Optional) If you post your photos on the
Internet or other place, send us the link to where
you have posted your photo/ description (and if
you win, you’ll get a bonus mig33 t-shirt!)
5. Winner will be announced on 12 October, 2009
(on our new mig33 blog!)


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